Join us for our January Genealogy Program

Recording Family History: the Search to the Scrapbook

(This workshop is intended for people just starting their genealogy research and documentation.)

What: A workshop to learn how to use resources to find your ancestors, followed by discussion on creating a scrapbook to safely keep family images and information. Bring photographs to begin assembly if desired – a scrapbooking kit is included in workshop cost.

When:  Thursday, January 14th at 10 a.m. Workshop will last approximately 1 hour; you are welcome to stay and research our site library materials.

Where:  Historic Bath Visitor Center

Cost:  $10.00


Flossie’s Fridays: Week 50

Flossie always loves it when school children visit the site!  October has been full of visits from 4th graders.  Although it is fun to see the historic homes, the Heritage Days program is full of living history activities, such as crosscut sawing, rope making, quill writing and more.

Floss enjoyed meeting up with a special friend before the activities began!


Many times Flossie has attended events like these and her favorite activity of all is making rope.  The machine is so big compared to her, she says it feels like being on an amusement park ride…..especially when the gears are going ‘round and ‘round and she tries to help turn the crank!  The machine that Historic Bath uses for demonstrating this important Colonial job is much smaller than the ropewalk and machine that would have been used in Bath in the 1700s and 1800s.  In the picture below with Flossie and 4th graders’ hands, you see a much larger rope than the type that can be made on our machine.  The larger ropes were needed for some of the jobs on ships, such as lowering the anchor.  Can you think of other jobs ropes were needed for………on land and at sea?


In another picture, Flossie is taking a ride on the “top” which keeps the strands of cotton twine separated until the twisting process has been completed and will hold the shape of a rope.  And of course, she has to get in her acrobatic act……..Floss is such an adventurous fairy!


If your school class hasn’t taken a field trip yet this year, we hope you get to travel soon and learn something new about life in the past………Flossie says if you aren’t too far away, come see us in Bath!

Flossie’s Fridays: Week 49

This week our little fairy wants to show you some items in our Historic Bath Visitor Center gift shop.  Our shop’s proceeds go to the Historic Bath Commission and they, in turn, support the state historic site with those funds.

Our little gift shop is featuring a number of local artists’ works……jewelry, pottery, blown glass, Christmas ornaments, etc.  There is also a good selection of books.  We welcome you to come support Historic Bath Site by shopping with us…….birthdays, Christmas, anytime!  Enjoy the pictures of Flossie posing with a number of items in our shop.


Flossie’s Fridays: Week 43

Flossie wants to apologize for not being out and about lately to visit with you.  She lives in the site manager’s office, and due to some medical treatments that Flossie’s human has been having, she hasn’t had the chance to get out of the office much!

Flossie just wants to say that she will be back to teach children more about Historic Bath Site by the time school starts back in the late summer/fall season.  In the meantime, she invites you to come visit and find out for yourself what is in Bath to enjoy this summer!  In the photograph below, she is playing in the Van Der Veer garden.

On Saturday, July 18th, we will have a special pirate re-enactment program….come see Lieutenant Maynard of the British Royal Navy as he comes to Bath to report to Captain Brand about the battle in which Blackbeard lost his life.  The pirates will set up camp and there will be afternoon lectures for the grown ups; the program is free and runs from 10-4. (The narrated arrival of the RN into Bath will occur at the State Dock area at 10 a.m.)  Ask your parents to sign you up for summer day camps about PIRATES, come take a tour of an old house and find out what a basement kitchen was like in the 1700s!  Come get a scavenger hunt sheet and roam the old village streets for yourself.  You can find Bath events at or call the site at 252-923-3971 to learn more about programs or the day camps offered on Thursdays this month.DSC04435

Flossie’s Fridays: Week 42

Flossie likes the edge drinking coffee gives her just before fairy racing, so she was interested in learning how much colonials enjoyed drinking hot beverages.  One way they might have prepared tea or coffee would be by using a beverage urn, much like the one you see in the photograph below.DSC04269

This artifact is made of painted tinware that was coated with an oil varnish and heated at a high temperature.  That process was called japanning (because its look copied Japanese lacquerwork used on furniture). The technique created a durable surface that has helped some of the original painted design remain, although much of it is now worn off.  There is a sieve under the lid on which Flossie sits.  That’s where you would place the tea or coffee.  Hot water would be poured over the sieve and then hot coals placed inside a tray on the back bottom side of the urn would keep the beverage warm.  You can see the spout on the front.  Flossie thinks this beverage urn is like a Mr. Coffee machine, just without electricity!

Flossie’s Fridays: Week 41

This week, Flossie felt like posing with the rich and famous………Charles II – King of England, Scotland, France & Ireland.


She got the giggles and almost couldn’t fly straight because she said he looks just like the actor Sylvester Stallone!  This black and white engraving is from a painting by Sir Peter Lely – visit to see this painting and others done by this Dutch born artist.

Flossie’s Fridays: Week 40

Floss and her visiting cousin Lil Bit (her name is short for Lily Bittersweet, not Little Bit!) really enjoyed their time at Bath Fest last Saturday and wanted to share some of their memories with you.  The fairies were pleased to see all the local art work and they enjoyed learning about planing and drilling boat-making skills.


The girls fell in love with Back Creek Soaps – items the Historic Bath’s gift shop will be selling soon.  In fact, they flitted around there for so long, they began to fly crooked (sweet-smelling lavender sometimes has that effect on fairies).


The bookbinding activity led by staff and volunteers from Hope Plantation was a big hit with adults, children and fairies!  (This project was funded by The Historic Bath Foundation, Inc.) The little booklet tells about Bath’s history, but as light and little as it was, it was still too heavy for Flossie and Lil Bit to take away as a souvenir.  They gave their copy to a child who was too young to make his own.


Fairies everywhere have a fascination with blown glass, so the girls oohed and aahed over Mr. Chip’s creations!  His friendship balls, witch balls and other glass can be found on sale at the visitor center.


They also thought Ms. Maureen’s horsehair (Raku style) pottery was lovely.  Imagine the sizzle of a piece of horsehair being placed on a HOT piece of pottery!  Lil Bit wondered how pretty fairy hair would look on a piece, but Flossie talked her out of trying that.


The girls finally got up their courage to fly over and visit with a couple of pirates.  They thought their fairy presence in the picture makes the men look a little less fierce.  What do you think?!


Bath Fest is a fun family small town festival where Art Meets History and it happens one Saturday each May.  Flossie and Lil Bit hope you can visit us in May 2016! Closer to that time, please check out for more details.