Flossie’s Fridays: Week 50

Flossie always loves it when school children visit the site!  October has been full of visits from 4th graders.  Although it is fun to see the historic homes, the Heritage Days program is full of living history activities, such as crosscut sawing, rope making, quill writing and more.

Floss enjoyed meeting up with a special friend before the activities began!


Many times Flossie has attended events like these and her favorite activity of all is making rope.  The machine is so big compared to her, she says it feels like being on an amusement park ride…..especially when the gears are going ‘round and ‘round and she tries to help turn the crank!  The machine that Historic Bath uses for demonstrating this important Colonial job is much smaller than the ropewalk and machine that would have been used in Bath in the 1700s and 1800s.  In the picture below with Flossie and 4th graders’ hands, you see a much larger rope than the type that can be made on our machine.  The larger ropes were needed for some of the jobs on ships, such as lowering the anchor.  Can you think of other jobs ropes were needed for………on land and at sea?


In another picture, Flossie is taking a ride on the “top” which keeps the strands of cotton twine separated until the twisting process has been completed and will hold the shape of a rope.  And of course, she has to get in her acrobatic act……..Floss is such an adventurous fairy!


If your school class hasn’t taken a field trip yet this year, we hope you get to travel soon and learn something new about life in the past………Flossie says if you aren’t too far away, come see us in Bath!


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