Flossie’s Fridays: Week 42

Flossie likes the edge drinking coffee gives her just before fairy racing, so she was interested in learning how much colonials enjoyed drinking hot beverages.  One way they might have prepared tea or coffee would be by using a beverage urn, much like the one you see in the photograph below.DSC04269

This artifact is made of painted tinware that was coated with an oil varnish and heated at a high temperature.  That process was called japanning (because its look copied Japanese lacquerwork used on furniture). The technique created a durable surface that has helped some of the original painted design remain, although much of it is now worn off.  There is a sieve under the lid on which Flossie sits.  That’s where you would place the tea or coffee.  Hot water would be poured over the sieve and then hot coals placed inside a tray on the back bottom side of the urn would keep the beverage warm.  You can see the spout on the front.  Flossie thinks this beverage urn is like a Mr. Coffee machine, just without electricity!


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