The Way of Old Houses

How many of you drive by old, abandoned houses and imagine the “if these walls could talk” stories?  Recently, I traveled to Historic Halifax for business.  Along the way, I saw many houses that spoke to me and I put down my thoughts once I returned home.  It may be a stretch to call these thoughts poetry, but I will, for lack of a better description!  The photographs included here are an example of lost history here in Bath, NC. The Buzzard Hotel stands no longer……….I remember seeing it in a neglected state when I was a child.


I am sorry you were abandoned – your dusty grey beauty in shambles

Perhaps not unloved, but unneeded.

You probably recall being the “Belle of the Ball” and

Now you’re just a shell of your former glory.

What treasured memories do your cracked and colorless beams hold?

Did the strips of lathing covering your soul hold much more than plaster?

Do the echoes of a family’s laughter and cries of anguish spill out of your


And further back still, how many swings did your rafters hold while young

boughs on the tree?

Sometimes your sisters have been violently taken back to the dust in the

name of “progress”

Is that better than the sad, gaping holes, so forlorn, that remain standing?

As does man, you shall return to the earth…..may you find peace at

journey’s end by knowing your cool cross breezes and front porch swing,

your hiding spaces and shelter provided during every storm………….these

things mattered.


One thought on “The Way of Old Houses

  1. There is nothing like a tangible reminder of the past to spark a historian’s interest. What a great building. It would be interesting to know the story of the hotel and who all slept there. It is gorgeous thank you for sharing your poetry and the hotel.

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