Flossie’s Fridays: Week 40

Floss and her visiting cousin Lil Bit (her name is short for Lily Bittersweet, not Little Bit!) really enjoyed their time at Bath Fest last Saturday and wanted to share some of their memories with you.  The fairies were pleased to see all the local art work and they enjoyed learning about planing and drilling boat-making skills.


The girls fell in love with Back Creek Soaps – items the Historic Bath’s gift shop will be selling soon.  In fact, they flitted around there for so long, they began to fly crooked (sweet-smelling lavender sometimes has that effect on fairies).


The bookbinding activity led by staff and volunteers from Hope Plantation was a big hit with adults, children and fairies!  (This project was funded by The Historic Bath Foundation, Inc.) The little booklet tells about Bath’s history, but as light and little as it was, it was still too heavy for Flossie and Lil Bit to take away as a souvenir.  They gave their copy to a child who was too young to make his own.


Fairies everywhere have a fascination with blown glass, so the girls oohed and aahed over Mr. Chip’s creations!  His friendship balls, witch balls and other glass can be found on sale at the visitor center.


They also thought Ms. Maureen’s horsehair (Raku style) pottery was lovely.  Imagine the sizzle of a piece of horsehair being placed on a HOT piece of pottery!  Lil Bit wondered how pretty fairy hair would look on a piece, but Flossie talked her out of trying that.


The girls finally got up their courage to fly over and visit with a couple of pirates.  They thought their fairy presence in the picture makes the men look a little less fierce.  What do you think?!


Bath Fest is a fun family small town festival where Art Meets History and it happens one Saturday each May.  Flossie and Lil Bit hope you can visit us in May 2016! Closer to that time, please check out http://www.bathfest.com for more details.

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