Flossie’s Fridays: Week 37

Flossie is feeling hungry today, so she wants to talk about eating utensils of the Colonial period!


Over time, people’s methods of delivering food to their mouths have changed.   From eating meat in hand directly from the cooking fire to sopping up a communal bowl of stew with bread, people have eaten lots of different ways through the ages!  Forks have been used in kitchens since the time of the ancient Greeks, but it took a long time before forks were used in dining spaces and even then, only the more wealthy people could afford them.  Utensils made of silver would have been used in the Palmer-Marsh household – in the normal working man’s household or for indentured English servants or enslaved Africans, forks and knives may have crudely been made of wood and sometimes had bone handles.  Flossie wants to let you know that next week we will continue our mini-lesson about dining implements! Happy Friday!

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