Flossie’s Fridays: Week 36

Flossie is so happy to be back – she flew home for Easter and then went to a fairy convention last week. She was glad to return to her home at Historic Bath Site!

Just before Floss took her break, she posed with this interesting garden statuary located between the visitor center and the Palmer-Marsh House.  The part on top of the column is is based on a device called an armillary sphere.


Those two words make up a fancy name for a tool that is supposed to represent the heavens and how things in the sky look at different locations or seasons on earth.  The ancient device was used by sailors, along with a navigational tool called a spherical astrolabe.  Bath, North Carolina was the colony’s first port of entry, so there were lots of sailors around!  This garden decoration is near the 1751 Palmer-Marsh House today as a reminder of the maritime connections held by men who lived in that house in its earliest days.  Flossie was so glad the Historic Bath Garden Club have been beautifying this garden space for our guests to enjoy.

Flossie wants you to know that she is no scientist so she found an interesting video that may help you understand the armillary sphere’s purpose.  See you next time!



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