Springtime Musings………and Poetry?!

Every day lately, as I walk into our visitor center to start the day’s work, a beautiful camellia bush is vying for my attention.  One bloom in particular keeps grabbing my imagination.  The bloom has been as perfect as I’ve seen on the bush, but it was laying on the concrete.  I have thought and thought about its perfection on imperfection, with dead leaves gathered about it.  Its perfection isn’t found in the gilt frame (figuratively) or the crystal vase (literally) one might expect to hold something so lovely.

Don’t life’s beautiful moments come to us hidden in the ordinary surroundings of our days?  Do we see the beauty when it is there, or do we overlook it?

My job deals with history, with budgets, with keeping old buildings in an upright and reasonably airtight situation.  I don’t write poetry. SO……….there are no plans to change the career path, never fear!  In fact, I don’t believe I have written a poem since my sophomore year in college (been a while, I assure you).  Therefore, feel free to criticize the structure of this one……….I wouldn’t even know if I was following any accepted form!  It was just the first day of spring and after days of contemplation, these words flowed into my head while supper was cooking last Friday night. I hope it reminds you to find beauty in your life, wherever it may be found.


Careless beauty on the ground, greeting the vernal equinox from your position of lowly perfection

Spilling your petals onto the concrete – a display of life beside faded and withered memories

You breathe hope into this day – a victory for Spring


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