Flossie’s Fridays: Week 34

Recently, Flossie wanted to pose with these two precious girls who came to visit Historic Bath – they took the guided house tours and made rope for some extra fun!  Here is a picture showing the girls and Floss posing with the rope-making machine and holding a BIG rope……much too large to have been made on the machine that the historic site owns.


Since Bath was the first official seaport town for this colony, many ships would have needed to replenish their supply when they came to port. There was probably a building in town called a ropewalk in Bath’s earliest days and we know that Jacob Van Der Veer operated a ropewalk in the 1800s. Can you think of jobs on a ship that would require using rope?  How about ways that rope might have been used in everyday life in a colonial village?  Might children have found ways to make games using rope?

Flossie invites you to share your answers by tagging @HistBathSiteNC using #HowRopesWereUsed or on Facebook (again tagging us as @Historic Bath Site and using #HowRopesWereUsed).

Interesting articles about ropemaking can be found at http://www.davidwebbfowler.com/2012/01/sons-of-liberty-occupation-rope-maker.html



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