Does History Change?

A different kind of history lesson from Historic Bath today.  On this date in 1930, Pluto was discovered. A planet, you say? Well, lots of us grew up learning it was the 9th planet in our solar system. However, in 2006, because of changed rules in how planets are identified, Pluto lost its planet designation.

So……yes, we’re talking science here, but it is also about our history…..what we were taught back in our school days and what children are not being taught today. Doesn’t that happen with history? Sometimes we think something is a fact and then we find irrefutable evidence that it could not be true.

This very thing happened at Historic Bath Site as a result of the December 1989 fire of the Palmer-Marsh House.  That house was believed to be older than the dendrochronology (wood dating) proved.  The trees that were used to build this noble home were felled during the growing season of 1751.

So, does history change?  No, of course not. What happened, happened. Sometimes, history gets revealed bits at the time.  As we learn more – through newly discovered historical documents, archaeological finds, chromochronlogy paint tests, etc. –  we should not be disappointed that the story changes.  We should embrace the fact that we are one step closer to the absolute truth in a matter.  Go out there and LOVE HISTORY!


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