Flossie’s Fridays: Week 29

Flossie decided to continue her “southern tour” in Bath, and she couldn’t believe the view of Bath Creek (on right) and Back Creek (on left) flowing out into the Pamlico River (straight ahead). Rain and cold weather has kept Flossie from getting out very much this week (have you ever tried flying when your wings are frozen?) so she wanted to share more about last week’s adventure.
Do you know what it is called when there is a piece of land that juts out into a body of water so that there is water on three sides of the land, but not all the way around, like there is at an island? Flossie will share the answer in a bit!
In this picture of Floss enjoying a pretty day at Bonner’s Point, you are able to see two points of land jutting out on both sides of the area where the mouths of the creeks flow into the river. The point of land on the left is called Plum Point and that is where Blackbeard the pirate is reputed to have lived. The point of land on the right is where Governor Charles Eden lived and his secretary, Tobias Knight, lived nearby. You can learn more about Blackbeard’s time in Bath by visiting http://www.nchistoricsites.org/bath/blackbeard.htm.
So, did you recall what geographical term tells us what land surrounded by water on three sides is called? PENINSULA! Flossie says have a happy Friday and stay warm!

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