Flossie’s Fridays: Week 28

Flossie’s Fridays: Week 28

Flossie flew down to the south side of the town of Bath last week to join a tour of the 1830 Bonner House (she was sad her manager was sick and couldn’t post her story last Friday!).  The Bonner House is the name we now use for the summer home of Joseph and Sallie Bonner – much of each year was spent at their 3,000 acre timber plantation only a few miles out of town, but you don’t get much breeze in the woods!  This house in Bath overlooks where Bath and Back Creeks flow out into the Pamlico River.  It is usually the coolest place in town in the hot summertime weather.  The Bonners would have also enjoyed the social interaction with others in the town while staying here – don’t you like to get together with friends when on summer break?

Flossie wants to encourage you to visit Historic Bath Site and tour the old homes.  It can be interesting to see how people used to live – in some ways, things were the same as today, but in other ways, things were very different.  Happy Friday!



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