Week 27: Flossie’s Fridays

Week 27: Flossie’s Fridays

Flossie found two friends to play with in the visitor center’s gift shop. Have you ever seen or played with a corn husk doll?  These two girls are a bit fancier than they would have been a long time ago!  Plus, this kind of doll can’t blink her eyes (she doesn’t even have any!), she can’t “go potty” or do things that modern dolls can do.  This very simple toy was first made by American Indians in the northeastern part of present day USA.  European settlers were taught how to make these toys by the native people.  You can find instructions on how to make a corn husk doll of your own on the internet. Don’t worry about having to wait for corn to grow and for the husks to dry – you can get supplies in the Hispanic food section of the grocery store and those corn husks are very clean and ready to go!

Children today need to realize that if you had lived in Bath in the 1700s, you may have only had a couple of wooden carved toys and a corn husk doll.  Flossie thinks you could show how thankful you are by cleaning up your bedroom floor of all the toys………..Mom and Dad won’t know what to think!  🙂  DSC03913


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