Flossie’s Fridays: Week 25

This week, Flossie has been intrigued with the quilled ornaments that were made by students at Bath Elementary School that are on display at Historic Bath’s front desk in the visitor center. Quilling is an art form that began in the early 17th century, becoming most popular in America by late 18th and early 19th centuries. At the beginning, only wealthier ladies were able to use paper for this craft, but today it is popular with many people. This art form involves using strips of paper that are rolled, shaped and glued together to create designs. Sometimes a tool called a quilling needle is used to help tightly roll the pieces of paper so they will better keep their shapes. These designs can be put on greeting cards, picture frames, decorative boxes, etc.
Floss thinks you might enjoy learning how to quill – maybe you can make an ornament, too! You should be able to find instructions on this art form by doing a computer search. She also wanted you to know that she is going to Fairyland for Christmas this year; you won’t be reading about her adventures for three weeks, but then she will return to teach you more about history and the town of Bath!

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