Flossie’s Fridays: Week 24

Flossie knows that most people today who celebrate Christmas put up trees and electric lights and maybe even holiday figurines in their front yards.  That is certainly different than the way people would have decorated back in the 1700s.  Back then, there might have been some greenery and cheerful red berries tucked in behind a mirror or over a door, but their main focus was on having a party and serving food, not decorating!  The way we decorate the historic homes today is called Colonial Revival style – it brings to mind the more natural way people used to decorate, but it is a bit fancier. One thing that came about with this décor movement in the 1920s-30s was the addition of fruit in arrangements and wreaths.  The truth is, no one in the Colonial period would have decorated with fruit………..they would have wanted to eat it themselves!

Flossie had such a good time earlier this week flitting about the various buildings at Historic Bath Site watching the decorating process.  She particularly likes the one in the photo……….the bolls of cotton make a good trampoline for her!  She also likes the dried pink flowers, since they match her so nicely!



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