Faux Food – A Means of Interpretation

Twelfth Night Cake

Twelfth Night Cake

This year during our Christmas Open House event we will be displaying brand new faux food items in the Palmer-Marsh and Bonner Houses! These items, pictured in the blog, will be placed in the Dining Rooms to display a portion of the main holiday meal. But you are probably asking –
why faux food and not real food?!

Mince Meat and Lemon Tarts, and Rolls

Mince Meat and Lemon Tarts, and Rolls

Faux food definitely has it’s perks for a historic site, house or museum! The main perk would be that it can be used for many years to come, rather than only being able to be used a couple of times. It is also a way to display local talent! We order our faux food from a lady who lives in Bath and she works hard to make it look natural, as well as decorative. And, another great reason for faux food – it cuts down on the potential for bugs and creatures! These two factors are a common occurrence for all of us in Eastern North Carolina, and all over the world. However, bugs and creatures damage historic houses and collections! Keeping them at bay as much as possible is important – and using faux food is another way of doing that.

Apple Pie, Coffin Pie and Cabbage a la Creme

Apple Pie, Coffin Pie and Cabbage a la Creme

Though many historic sites, houses and museums use faux food – they do not cut back on their interpretation because of it. At Historic Bath Site we still talk about the main meal of the day, how the food was prepared, and how the kitchens, and servants within them, were utilized in preparing the food! And at Christmas Open House we will be cooking and baking in the Bonner House Kitchen from 12:00PM – 4:00PM so you can capture the sights, sounds and smells of the holiday time spent within the Kitchen.

So come on down to Historic Bath Site on Saturday, December 13th! Check out our new faux food spread out between our two historic homes, and watch and learn as the cook bakes gingerbread and cornbread, and cooks a delicious Dinner meal….

AND – keep an eye out for the opening of our brand new interpretation space in the NEW YEAR…. Coming in 2015 (date TBD), we will open the doors of the Van Der Veer Smokehouse so that you may see what the interior of a smokehouse was like, and how it was used, in the 18th century! More information and details to come at a later date….

Smokehouse Meat

Smokehouse Meat


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