Flossie’s Fridays: Week 22

Have you ever wondered how the town of Bath, North Carolina got its name?  Below, you see Flossie sitting on top of a colored engraving of Bath, England (she would like to go there, but she says it is too far away for her to fly!).  In this picture, you can see how hilly that city in England is.  Long ago, ancient Romans used the natural hot springs found there to create baths.  In the 1700s, Bath, England was known as a spa town and people traveled there to soak in the medicinal and smelly sulfur waters.  So, that’s how that town got its name.  But our North Carolina town of Bath is very flat and we don’t have hot springs.  Bath, NC was named for the first Earl of Bath, England.  His name was John Granville and he would have been called Lord Bath.  He died the same year that John Lawson began laying out the town streets here, 1701.So now you know…..happy Friday!



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