Flossie’s Fridays: Week 21

This week, Flossie is sitting atop a copy of the seal for The Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts (SPG).  HUH?!  If you are wondering what in the world that society was, you aren’t alone!

Back when Bath, NC was a brand new settlement, England was worried that the Anglican Church (Church of England) wasn’t doing so well over here in the colonies – people were either becoming interested in other denominations or weren’t attending church at all.  This society was incorporated by royal charter to “send priests and schoolteachers to America to help provide the Church’s ministry to the colonists.”  Reverend Thomas Bray, along with some others, founded the SPG in 1701.  The first public library in the colony was sent to Bath through this missions program – over 1,000 books/pamphlets were sent here, but no one is absolutely sure where the collection was housed.  Today, only one of the original books remains in the care of St. Thomas Episcopal Church.

Flossie hopes you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about Bath’s history today.  She asked me to tell you to take care of your books today so that children in the future may also be able to read your wonderful collections!DSC03111


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