Flossie’s Fridays: Week 20

Flossie knows that everyone at Historic Bath Site is looking forward to an upcoming celebration…..people in Bath asked to be named the first port of entry for the colony in the year 1715 and word came back from England that it was official in 1716.  Beginning next year (2015), our historic site and town will start focusing attention on this event.  When you do the math, subtracting 1715 from 2015, how many years have gone by?  Without telling you the numerical answer, here’s a hint: the most proper term for this type of celebration is tercentenary but you can more easily call it tricentennial!

In the Van Der Veer House exhibit building, Flossie and her sweet little companion learned all about ships that came into Port Bath, names of people who lived in Bath who were involved in the bustling maritime activity of the village, and also what types of goods were being brought into Bath during the Colonial period.  Flossie hopes you will come to Bath and learn with her, too!  (If you ask, I am sure that she would love to pose with you, as well!)  Happy Friday………DSC03104


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