Flossie’s Fridays: Week 19

Flossie didn’t get a chance to go flying about last week, but is happy to be back today and she feels like saying, “Aarrgghh!”  She wants to learn about the pirate Blackbeard and has shown particular interest in the play that used to be held in Bath.  Blackbeard: Knight of the Black Flag was held every summer from 1977-1986 and then again during the summer of 2005, for our town’s 300th anniversary celebration.

A lot of legends surround this pirate from Bath’s past, and sometimes it is hard to separate the stories from facts.  So, even though it is debated how long the pirate stayed in Bath, it is true that he did come to our town – those facts were recorded.  Come visit us in Bath…………….we will be happy to tell you all we know about Blackbeard!

And if you go trick-or-treating as a pirate tonight, please post pictures on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Historic-Bath- Site/196020507171491.



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