Flossie’s Fridays: Week 16

Today, Flossie is visiting in the Van Der Veer House exhibit building.  She was interested in this painting which hangs over a mantel in the house.  It shows a man who was very important to Historic Bath. His name was Edmund Harding.  He liked to tell funny stories and speak to groups all over the country and he was from nearby Washington, NC.  Mr. Harding headed up a group of people who helped save the historic buildings in Bath so that future generations (like yours!) could go inside the old houses and learn about lifestyles of the past.  It would have been sad if the houses had fallen down because they help tell the story of Bath when it was a bustling and important Colonial town.

Mr. Harding was a great community leader.  What things can you do, big or small, to help make your community a better place?  Is there a place you go a lot that could look cleaner?  What can you do to make your community better?  When we practice how to be good members of our communities when we are young, we find ourselves more interested in helping our communities when we grow up, like Mr. Harding did for the town of Bath.  Knowing that you want to help make lives in your community better makes Flossie want to fly somersaults!

If you have pictures of you helping out with a community project, please tag us @HistBathSiteNC using #communityhelper or on Facebook (again tagging us as @Historic Bath Site and using #communityhelper.)  See you next week!



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