Flossie’s Fridays: Week 15

Last week’s talk about anchors made Flossie think about pirates.  Since she lives in Bath, North Carolina, one pirate in particular came to mind…….Blackbeard!  Two sweet little girls took Flossie to visit the painting that artist Margaret Rumley gave to Historic Bath many years ago.

Blackbeard the pirate came to Bath at least two times and he lived in the area for a few months before his death in November of 1718.  In June of that same year, he came to Bath to see the governor, Charles Eden, so that he could take an oath declaring that he was done with piracy forever.  Later reports make it seem unlikely that he could keep his promise…..

You may have heard about his big flagship, Queen Anne’s Revenge.  That ship sunk at Beaufort Inlet in Carteret County, NC  (not in Bath, although Bath is in Beaufort County….very confusing).  You may remember that this past summer on the first Flossie blog entry, Flossie’s First Flight, she was DSC03091visiting a traveling exhibit about the QAR.  At certain times, you can visit the lab where the artifacts (including some really big anchors) are being treated so that they can also be placed on display.  To learn more about these conservation efforts, visit  http://www.qaronline.org/Conservation/QARLab.aspx.

Flossie will see you next week!


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