Flossie’s Fridays: Week 13

Flossie was on her way to check out some anchors when she couldn’t help herself and she plopped right down into a rosemary bush because it smelled so piney good! Rosemary is an herb that gets its name from a long Latin word that means “dew of the sea” – probably because of the blue flowers and the fact that it does well in a wet environment. It is an herb, although sometimes people get confused and call it a spice. A good way to tell the difference is when we use the leaf of a plant, it is an herb, like rosemary or basil. Spices come from roots, barks, seed or flowers of plants or trees, like cinnamon or pepper. (Fairies know this kind of stuff as they are very good friends with plants and trees!)
There are lots of old beliefs about rosemary; one belief is that it is for remembrance; you can find such references in literature. In ancient Greece, students would tuck a sprig of rosemary into their hair, so they would do better when taking exams! Do you think this would work for you?
Rosemary was also used as a medicine in the past and sometimes today by herbalists – if brewed in a tea it is supposed to aid digestion. The herb contains salicylic acid, which is the forerunner of aspirin, which is why it can help treat arthritis and some skin ailments. Flossie does not recommend that you use herbs as medicine unless your doctor says it is okay.
Flossie was astonished to learn that Richard Folkard, author of Plant Lore, Legends and Lyrics, written in 1892, mentions that in Sicily, rosemary was a favored plant and that “the young fairies, under the guise of snakes, lie concealed under its branches.” To that, Flossie says, “Fiddlesticks!”
Flossie thinks you should try flavoring your food with this tasty herb……….potatoes and pork roast taste even better with this herb. Maybe you can have an herb and spice taste-testing with your classmates or your family!


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