Re-Cap: 1st Annual Volunteer Appreciation Night!


On Thursday, September 4th we had our 1st Annual Volunteer Appreciation Night down at Bonner’s Point. 
Everyone brought food and beverages to share in good ol’ potluck fashion, and the picnic tables were put to good use! 
There was a lot of conversing between new, and old, friends and many laughs to be shared, on top of all of the good eating!

All of the staff at Historic Bath Site appreciate our volunteers! We, honestly, don’t know what we would do without them.
Thank you is said a lot….but it’s not said enough! 
So, once again, we say THANK YOU to our wonderful volunteers.

Thank you for coming out for the 1st Appreciation Night…
Thank you for learning new skills to help us out with new, and old, programming….
Thank you for giving your time to help the Site, and us, out….
Thank you for all that you donate and all that you do….
And THANK YOU for putting huge smiles on our faces!

Awards were given to the following people for acts of service that went “above and beyond” the call of duty:

Savannah – Volunteer of the Year
Bill – Giving of Most Hours
Sallie – Beautification Efforts
Pat – Beautification Efforts

Special mention goes to the Historic Bath Garden Club and Blanche. 



If you, or someone you know, is interested in joining our amazing Volunteer Crew – please contact us!
There are opportunities a-plenty for one and all, high school age and above!

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