Flossie’s Fridays: Week 12

Yippee! Flossie loves to play games and today as she flitted around the town of Bath, she spied a hopscotch board! This particular game may be really ancient, but the first time it was recorded in the English-speaking world was late in the 17th century (the 1600s). It was usually called “scotch-hoppers” back then; today, you can find this hopscotch board on Lawson Walk on Bowen Avenue. This pedestrian and cycling path on the northern boundary of town has other recreational stations, too. On this peaceful path in town, informative wayside markers about John Lawson (the founder of Bath), native trees and plants, as well as businesses that used to be located at this part of town are found. In fact, if you wonder why there are animals drawn on the hopscotch board, local Girl Scouts drew animals that Lawson sketched and talked about in his book, “A New Voyage to Carolina.”
When you come visit our historic site, take a few minutes to discover the history and fun that awaits on Lawson Walk! You may find Flossie ready to play and learn with you! In the meantime, why don’t you use the computer to learn more about all the different variations of this game played around the world?
We would love to see pictures of you playing hopscotch at Lawson Walk, or at your home or school – tag us @HistBathSiteNC using #hopscotchisfun or on Facebook (tagging us @Historic Bath Site and using #hopscotchisfun).


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