Flossie’s Fridays: Week 11

This week, Floss thought it would be a good idea to flit on down and meet these small scarecrows, new members of our Van Der Veer House garden. However, she couldn’t sit and pose for very long – the cute little scarecrow heads are soaked in ammonia to help keep small critters from eating up the tender young plants! People have been making scarecrows in some form or fashion since ancient times. Noisemakers have also been used to help keep birds and animals from ruining the food source. Of course, birds may do more good by destroying insects and worms than by taking some grain or sunflower seeds. At Historic Bath, our pests tend to have four legs – squirrels and rabbits! In fact, some little animal(s) ate all the pumpkin seeds that were sown! Thankfully, our gardening volunteer started some seeds at home, and they are now growing nicely in our garden.
Visit this webpage to learn more about scarecrows through history: http://home.comcast.net/~minelson/history_of_scarecrows.htm

Any pictures taken of you with a scarecrow this fall can be tagged to @HistBathSiteNC using #scarecrows or on Facebook (again tagging us as @Historic Bath Site and using #scarecrows). Flossie says, “See you next week!”

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