Field Trip Offerings at Historic Bath Site

Cross-Cut Sawing is one of the many activities available for school groups!

Cross-Cut Sawing is one of the many activities available for school groups!

Historic Bath Site
School Group Offerings


At Historic Bath Site students are able to learn about North Carolina’s “First Town, First Port” by experiencing the history itself! For the price of $1.00 per student and $1.00 per extra adult (teachers and bus drivers are free – this does not include carpool drivers) your group can participate in an interactive experience which will allow them to learn about history, geography, economics and culture – depending on the trip that you design!

So your students have the best experience possible, and due to space and staff constraints, we ask that no more than 80 students are on site each day. If 61-80 students are planning to come we ask that you include the Orientation Video as one of your four activities. If there are more than 80 students in your grade, we are more than happy to book field trips for multiple days.

Please choose up to 4 of the following activities:
– Rope Making (hands-on)
– Quill Writing (hands-on)
– Colonial Games (hands-on)
– Cross-Cut Sawing (hands-on)
– Knot Tying (hands-on)
– Palmer-Marsh House First Floor Tour
– Palmer-Marsh House Kitchen Tour
– Orientation Video

***When choosing activities, please factor in the amount of students in your group and what you would like the focus to be while you are here at Historic Bath Site!***

A group is also able to go on self-guided tours through the Van Der Veer House Exhibit Building and St. Thomas Episcopal Church after completing their activities.
There is a picnic area that has picnic benches and open green space
at Bonner’s Point down by the water for lunch and a snack.

Though there is a gift store, we encourage school groups to order our Museum Gift Store Grab Bags which is easy and convenient for the teachers and students! For $3.50 per bag a student receives a pencil, Treasure Map, wooden nickel and a post card of the Palmer-Marsh House. The Grab Bags are paid in a lump sum on the day of the field trip.

Please contact us with the proposed date and time of your field trip (please have a back-up) and the amount of students, teachers, bus drivers and extra adults that will be with you on the day two weeks in advance of your trip, at the latest. At that time we will also take note of the activities you wish to participate in and the number of Grab Bags you wish to order!

Payment for your group is made the day of your field trip – there is no deposit.
Your Grab Bags are also paid for on the field trip day.
2 separate payments are required for the field trip and Grab Bags.


Standards Met for Grades K-2:
K.E.1; K.H.1; K.G.1; K.G.2; K.C.1
1.E.1; 1.H.1; 1.G.1; 1.C.1
2.H.1; 2.G.2; 2.E.1; 2.C.1

Standards Met for Grades 3-5:
3.H.1; 3.G.1; 3.E.1; 3.E.2; 3.C.1
4.H.1; 4.H.2; 4.G.1; 4.E.1; 4.C.1
5.H.1; 5.H.2; 5.G.1; 5.E.1; 5.C.1

Standards Met for Grade 8:
8.H.1; 8.H.3; 8.G.1; 8.E.1; 8.C.1


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