Flossie’s Fridays: Week 9

When a visitor comes to Historic Bath’s Visitor Center, they are greeted by our Beaufort County crab, given to the site by Jack and Noonie Crabtree. If you visit the downtown area of nearby Washington to the west of Bath or the town of Belhaven to the east, you can pose with lots of crabs and they are all decorated differently! Today, Flossie is saying “Give me the money!” as she poses on top of the doubloons held in the crab’s claws! Since our town is in the coastal plain and is situated on a peninsula, artist Delores Morgan decided to paint all sorts of water-themed things on our crab. When you visit us, you can ask for an identification key to help you find all the items shown, including seagulls, jellyfish and even porpoises! Since Bath and Back Creeks have brackish water, people here sometimes get to see porpoises come close to town!
Have you had your picture taken with our crab? If so, we would love for you to post your photo on our Facebook page:
By the way, Flossie wanted me to tell you to look up all the words in bold type above!DSC02973

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