Farewell to the “Queen Anne’s Revenge”!

Historic Brunswick/Fort Anderson State Historic Site “QAR” Grand Opening Event

The Blackbeard “Queen Anne’s Revenge” Traveling Exhibit is leaving us at Historic Bath Site and heading on to it’s new location: Historic Brunswick/Fort Anderson State Historic Site. Today is the final day that the exhibit will be located in Bath, NC. If you have not had the chance to see it yet – we are open until 5pm! (We do suggest arriving by 4:30 if possible so that you can take full advantage of all that the exhibit has to offer!) 

Whilst the “QAR” Exhibit has been in town Historic Bath Site has seen a lot of activity! Visitation has picked up by over 1,200 from the same time in June/July 2013. We welcomed the “QAR” exhibit to town with a Sneak Peek Preview which involved talks by Dr. Kevin Cherry and Kevin Duffus, and a Grand Opening Celebration which had Blackbeard at the site itself to command people to go see the artifacts from his ship! Our “Pirate Past Times Day Camps” were a HUGE success reaching out to children ages 4-12 over a 5 week time period. Our new signature event debuted called “Pirates in the Port” where the Devilmen of Cape Feare rode into town in their boat and re-enacted the announcement of Blackbeard’s death and the arrest of some of his pirates. Kevin Duffus graced us once again, along with Dr. Charlie Ewen from ECU Anthropology, giving lectures on piracy. And we’ve had the pleasure of talking with many of you ourselves about Blackbeard’s history in Historic Bath and about the conservation of the “QAR”. 

All in all it’s been a GREAT 6 weeks, and we have really enjoyed having the “QAR” around with us in Bath. It has seemed rather fitting for it to be here – even though she would never have sailed through these waters….it was great to have the history of Blackbeard back home in Bath! 

At the top of this blog entry is the link to the Historic Brunswick/Fort Anderson “QAR” Grand Opening Event. We hope that, before school begins again, you take the opportunity to continue your quest for the knowledge of Blackbeard and head on down to support another important NC Historic Site! On the way you can even stop by the Maritime Museum in Beaufort where the stronghold of artifacts lays in an exhibit space. Or, if you’re interested in learning more about the conservation, why not try to book a tour with the QAR Conservation Lab in Greenville to go behind-the-scenes and see how they’re preserving and protecting the artifacts when they come out of the water?! 

Thank you for all of your support over the past 6 weeks! Thank you for your visitation and for coming to our pirate-y programs! Keep an eye on our FacebookTwitterand Instagram for information regarding even MORE events that will be happening at the site! We look forward to seeing you again soon!


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